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tv   News  ABC  October 16, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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new photos following the mud of a researcher, and how you can help police. community rallies in support of a family devastated by last week's house fire. what a group of tow truck drives did to help the family. a happy ending to the story of hikers lost in montana. how they find them safe and sound. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. we saw a lot of rain yesterday, hopefully today will be better. we are off to a chilly start right now. we are a little bit on the coolish side this morning, as you head out the door, need the jacket, the coat. as we go in to the afternoon, more of the same, temperatures will be coming in below average. right now, sykesville, 48 degrees, 50 annapolis, perry hall 48. also to add insult to injury, we have the winds kicking up
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this morning and that will continue through the the day. the winds northwest at 5-10 miles an hour. gusts up to 20. we are going to have the north westerly flow although maryland's most powerful radar is dries it will stay that way throughout the day and sunshine in here as well. by lunchtime the temperature around 63. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. happy to hear the rain is gone. we are dealing with with construction on 95, blocking the off rach to southbound route 295, watchout for that, if you are headed to the harrisburg expressway, a live look in hunt valley, shawan road, everything moving along, you are looking at a 22 minute ride from the mailed, pennsylvania state line, down to 695, jfx is going to be in great shape. as far as the beltway, no delay tons outer loop up to 83. that will take you 11 minutes, no problems to report over on the west side. a 10 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, down towards
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interstate 70. grainy picture maybe the break that police need top solve a murder of a respected researcher and asking for your help this morning. linda so is live this morning at city police headquarters, what are we seeing in the picture? >> reporter: police released the photo that shows men running tro testimony scene of the crime. investigators are hoping it will lead to new information. look at the picture, it was taken from a surveillance camera, not far from the scene, september 17th, the night he was killed. you can see two men running away, up with apees to be -- appears to be holding something. mar vip was shot and killed after coming home from practicement he had just gotten oh out of his car that night. >> it's still a shock. i don't think we will ever
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quite completely get over it. >> reporter: you can get a look at the photo on, if you know who the me are, call the police, homicide unit 410-396-2100. the coral arts society plans to dedicate the christmas concert on november 4th. see the concert here on abc 2 on christmas eve and christmas day. linda so, abc2 news. two hikers missing since friday are resting safe. they disappeared in the glacier national park in montana. the families were worried after they received calls they hoped for lay yesterday afternoon. >> everything broke loose. we were just screaming. >> i'm going to have a drink tonight. >> to get the news, everyone
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iss at ecstatic. this time, a tow truck does not mean big bad news. several towing companies lifted the spirits of baltimore, particularly a family following a house fire, that killed five people, this happened last week, the call came from knockout towing. they got a few dozen trucks, see them there, to surround the northeast baltimore home where nancy died with her four young grandchildren. they presented the donations to her daughter to help cover the funeral expenses. >> without support, we would be lost. >> people get bad names for tow truck drivers. >> all five victims will be buried together. we have information on how to
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donate. it's posted on nfl players apologizing after leading police on a wild chase, steelers defensive lineman is facing a number of charges today. police say it started when they found him driving the wrong way crashing in to cars. he tried to flee, nearly running over a number of officers when police caught up with him, they say he resisted arrest so heavily, they were forced to punch him in the face to get him to stop restraining. a breathalyzer showed he had a bac level of point 196. families who lost loved ones in aurora colorado at the shooting, they are receiving payments for their suffering. $5million donated to the victim and the familys of 12 people getting $200,000, the same goes for the victims who suffered permanent brain damage or paralysis from the shooting.
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those with other injuries will also receive a small portion of the fund. stay with us, you've hear of under water basket weaving or people getting married. >> this maybe new to you. the new depth some are going for, for halloween in the spirit of competition. >> check the box of dog treats, there is a recall to tell you about. why a popular brand of dog food is puldz being pulled from the shelves. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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carving pumpkin can be tricky enough. this is in tennessee, they ted to make w the surface for a the best jack lantern with fish swimming around them. a cool experience. imagine you have to have real talent to do that. let's go over to lynette charles. >> i have a pumpkin for you. this is called the moose. i had to show it to you.
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send me your pics. that boy is like what in the world. satellite and radars not picking up on a lot. clear skies, clouds back off towards the west, that will begin to scour out of here through the rest of the day, lots of sunshine, heading to school, chilly, the temperature at 50, 65 and cool coming home today. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, that's a huge pumpkin. if you are traveling on 95, there are no concerns now in white marsh. you are looking at a 14 minute ride, southbound, from the beltway, downtown in to the city. as far as the beltway, no problems, parkville towards towson. liberty, no problems down towards 95. scheduled to appear on a talk show, now mitt romney is backing out. >> why the presidential hopeful says he is no longer available to visit the women at theiew.
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denny's everyday value slam egis four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day. only at denny's. example of baltimore at its worst, a home fire bombed
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killing a family, 7 people who lived there, because the mother was standing up to drug dealers in the neighborhood. ten years later, there is life there again. sherrie johnson joins us at the safe haven center. >> reporter: it is inspiring, meagan, we are here at 1401 east preston, folks will come together to honor the dawson family. ten years ago, they lost their lives here at this spot. today the city will commemorate the 10th anniversary. it was known as one of the worst tragedies in baltimore's history on october 16th, 2000 2, the home of cornell and angela dawson was fire bombed. mr. and mrs. dawson and five children died in the fire. neighbors, community leaders and faith based groups worked together to build a monument at 1401 east preston, it's the
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dawson safe haven for children and families. this morning, i have pam carter, the program director and also the community coordinator joining me live here. pam, let's start with you, you live in the neighborhood, you were here ten years ago. tell me what is going through your mind as you remember them ten years later and now being here at the facility. [technical difficulties] [technical difficulties]
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you worked with students day in and out. tell me about what you are seeing. >> i work with the kids at the dawson center, monday through friday, when they come in, we tackle school assignments. this year, we have our first graduating high school kids that started in this program, right now we are getting ready for sat prep and filling out college applications. we w the young kids we are training to get a foundation of understanding how much important your school work is. our focus is to empower their psychological well being that we know can take place with understanding education is first. >> pam, can you tell us moving forward, what goals do you have for the center moving forward. >> the goals is to constantly
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help the children understand that they must respect themselves as well as their peers, community and because they hear so much negative stuff about the neighborhood and the city, that there are more positive things and people in the community. with a good education they can be who they want to be in life. >> thank you so much for talking to us this morning. that event tonight kicks off at 6:00 p.m., the honor the dawson family. even if your dog gives you the eyes, you know the look, don'ts give him a treat. the natures recipe dog treat is being recalled because it's contaminated with salmonella. it's the oven bakeds b eds ed
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biscuits. five things no know as you head out the door, pretrial motion hearing for the 9/11 response spear 9/11 conspirators resumes today. spector will be laid to rest outside of philadelphia today. spector switched to the democratic party towards the end of his career. he represented pennsylvania for 30 years. bill clinton will be in town, headlines stevenson university speaker series and focus on the challenge of globalization. it starts this evening at 8:00, if you wanted to get tickets, you are out of luck, it's sold out. holiday season is closing in, you may want to get your resume out. amazon plans to hire 50,000 people. the company expects thousands of workers to stay on in full time positions after the holidays wrap up. nhl commissioner and players association executive director return too the
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bargaining table, trying to resolve money issues and end the lockout to delay the start of hockey season. don't expect to see him sitting down with the ladies at the view. mitt romney canceled appearance on the talk show because it conflicts with his schedule. this comes after the release of a seek retdly recorded video. she heard calling the talk show, high risk, saying four of the hosts were sharp tongued and not conservative. ann romney will make her appearance on thursday morning. baltimore county is showing support for the fight against brens cancer, holding -- breast cancer, holding a pink pep rally at noon. held in the conference room and decked out with pink balloons, everybody gets pink to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer. in five days we will be out raising money for breast
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cancer, komen race for the cure is coming up sunday, october 21st. we are a proud sponsor of this event. there is time to register. log on to komen we have all the information on our website, pink. time for a check of the forecast. lynette, can you give us a peek ahead. >> do you want it now or wait for the 7 day? >> let's talk about what is going on now as we are looking at mainly dry conditions, we are a little bit chilly this morning, we are seeing the cold front that's passed through. also a little bit breezy behind the front as well. we can see the winds west, and northwest at 5-10 miles an hour. this will be the scenario as we head through the rest of the day. also, we will have gusts up to 20 miles an hour. now, temperatures are in the
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upper 40s from catonsville to shady side, edgewood, westminster, 49 mount airy and rockville. eastern shore, 52 in denton and also rock hall this morning. at the surface, the high prus this will build in throughout the day. cooler, breezy conditions behind the cold front will prevail. hurricane rafael, the winds, sustained at 85 miles per hour, pubbing towards the knot and east -- pushing towards the north and easts it is healthy looking, dealing with wind sheer on the southwest side. the good news, it will not be affecting the u.s. future trend, not a lot for today, plenty of sunshine, that high temperature coming in and 65 degrees. 42 mostly clear and chilly by tonight. 67 by tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast for you, sunday, 68, a great day for komen. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning, if you are traveling in hunt valley, that race for the cure going to
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shutdown roads in the heart of the town. watchout for that. join us, all of us will be there, should be a lot of fun, if you are traveling on 83, no delays in to the city, it is nice and clear at this time. here is what 95 looks like downtown at 395, traffic moving along, you are looking at the typical 8 minute ride, northbound, from the fort mc henry toll plaza to the beltway, 695, no delays from parkville to towson, over to the west side, a 12 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, down towards 95. beltway, normal shape. maybe it was a halloween prank, maybe not, one man is hot after his farm was robbed.
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special order carpet. a farm in illinois put out a prize pumpkin, somebody stole it. it couldn't have been easy, look at this, this pumpkin weighed 300 pounds and sits in
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front of the farm, it attracts all sorts of customers. her son says she is pretty upset that someone would want to take it in the first place. >> it means a lot to her. my dad passed away four years ago, she wanted to open the store back up. >> they put up a sign, saying someone would bring it back. opening eyes, surveillance cameras captured a crash. the surprising part of what happened moments after the car barreled through the stow. -- store.
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